About Us!

Our mission is to take the stress out of launching your business online, helping you generate more leads, convert your dream clients & create an automated online income stream with our low-cost effective website and lead page options.

Kylie Courtie

Kylie Courtie is our Laptop Lifestyle Queen. She is our marketing guru and is all about helping business entrepreneurs to leverage their business by launching online so they can create a life they love! Kylie has been in business for over 20 years, including owning a Gym which she grew 500% before franchising and growing to 13 clubs. Kylie was also the Head Coach at the National College of Business coaching thousands of businesses across many different models and has a Bachelor of Business (Marketing & Human Resource Management).

Kylie is also a wife and a mum who loves to have fun and travel all over the world. Through online marketing strategies she has worked out how to leverage her business to create a laptop lifestyle that gives her total freedom to work her business around her family and lifestyle and now loves helping other business entrepreneurs to do the same.

Arslan Ramay

Arslan Ramay is our Tech Guru and Lead Web Developer. He is all about helping small & medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs to leverage the latest web technologies! With over 8 years of experience, he has been building beautiful custom websites for businesses which help them harness the power of technology, thus maximizing their online investment. He holds a Bachelor in Computer Science.

Arslan also loves to have fun and travel around the world. When he is not crafting websites, you can find him cycling