According to Arslan, our Chief & Guru of anything Geeky & Techy, The number 1 mistake people make with their new website is that they don’t get the best content, specifically visuals /images for their website. As a web developer, I always try to understand your business as best as I can and find the best suitable content and images. However I still need to hear from you, the business owner, your thoughts, feedback on the design and layout of the website to constantly improve it and make it perfect for you and your business needs.

1. Intention

1.Provide clear details of your business with at least 3 similar or competitor businesses reference websites. It makes it super easy to understand everything. When you partner with No Stress Websites you will be asked to complete a detailed Questionnaire so we can best understand your business, your business point of difference and branding qualities so we can showcase this and instantly build trust and rapport with your customers. In our experience, we have found that this exercise in itself is very insightful for business owners giving them clarity.

2. Provide visuals/images which you think are best for each web page. We highly recommend getting some professional images taken of you, your business, your customers and products. That way you own the images and they are the real deal!

3. Provide feedback as much as possible so that the developer could know which areas to improve and how to transform the initial version of the website into something awesome. Your website is like a piece of art and it’s our job to turn your vision into reality. At No Stress Websites, we want you to be 100% happy and fall in love with your website!! We will ask you for your feedback at each step of the way and we are not happy unless we know you are!!

At No Stress Websites, we love to build websites, its what we do! Just like as a business owner, you are passionate and a professional at what YOU do. So your website creation is a collaborative process. It’s our job to extract the right information from you so that you can shine online.

Launching your first business takes courage! Yes its exciting, but it can also be scary at the same time, putting yourself out there in the world wide web for all to see. We understand and take the stress out of this process guiding you each step of the way.

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