Why Most Marketing Doesn’t Work

Why Most Marketing Doesn’t Work

“Are you speaking the same language as your ideal clients?”

The number one reason why most marketing doesn’t work is because you aren’t speaking their language!!

Your purpose is to take your client from State A, let’s call this the caterpillar state and with your product or service get them to state B, let’s call it the butterfly state.

So if you are marketing to butterflies and speaking butterfly, how on earth can a caterpillar understand?? You need to speak caterpillar to attract a caterpillar!!

The core foundation to being successful in your sales and marketing is Conscious Compelling Communication! Most marketing doesn’t work because you are not speaking the same language as your clients!

In fact most marketing is more about your business name, logo and the technical details of your product or service – quite frankly… Your clients DON’T CARE!!

All they care about is “WIIFM” what’s in if for me. What do I get and how is this going to benefit me and make me feel?

Your clients FIRST need to know, like and trust you and they want to know that you understand them. You get them. You know what they are going through. You feel their pain. You care about them and you are the best exact person to help them with a solution that is perfect for them.

Most businesses get so caught up in marketing all the details and features of a product, program or service, however the challenge with that is your potential clients “don’t know what they don’t know” so when you start talking butterfly to a caterpillar, its a completely different language that is going straight over their heads and they don’t even get what you are talking about!

“Market to what people WANT and then give them what they NEED!”

The BEST BEST BEST way we know to have your prospects fall head over heels in love with you and be a long term loyal customer that refers to you is to first ADD VALUE with a FREE offer!! Create an irresistible free over that adds a TON of VALUE to your client BEFORE you even ask them to buy from you!!

Once they have experienced working with you, if you have already added massive value then they will want more!!

What FREE OFFER could you give to your clients? It could be an Educational Training Video, an e-Book, an online course, a report, a checklist, a clarity call, your imagination is the limit!

Just make sure your free offer ADDS MASSIVE VALUE, has a high perceived value and ideally a low or no cost to you. AND of course you also need a Call To Action with an Irresistable Offer at the end!

For more information on How to craft your Kick Ass FREE OFFER, that has your clients fall in love with you, adds massive value and creates a never-ending stream of sales and referrals, click the button below to download your free training and Free Offer Checklist!