When it comes to building your website, do you feel like a deer in the headlights?

From our years of experience, we’ve found so many entrepreneurs and business owners just like you feel like a deer in the headlights when it comes to building their website. So in this blog article, we will shine a light on the Top 5 things you need to know BEFORE you build your website. This will melt away the stress giving you the clarity you need to get started!

Just like building a hi-rise, when it comes to building your website, you need to plan first, then dig deep foundations before you can start the actual building and see your website come together. So this article tackles the planning and foundations side so you are ready to rock!

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

Your Top 5 Website Planning Questions you must answer before you get started:

1. Intention

What is the intention or purpose of your website? What do you want your website to provide for your prospects, customers and business? This is the number 1 most important thing you need to know before you start planning your website.

2. Ideal Client

Who is your ideal dream client, your niche, your target market? This is super important as your website needs to be tailored to their tastes, likes, wants, dreams and desires.

For example, if your ideal client is a 40 years old man who has just got divorced and wants to find love again, you are going to use very different language and images compared to a website who’s ideal client is a woman in her 20’s who wants to travel the world.

Get as clear and detailed as you can about your ideal client. Are they male or female? Where do they live? How old are they? What car do they drive? Do they have kids? How many? Where do they shop? What do they like? What frustrates them? Do they have a job, a business or self-employed?

Go deep and write the story of your ideal client. Even give them a name!!

3. Ideal Client Caterpillar and Butterfly State

Caterpillar (Before) State – Before your prospect comes to you, they are in what we like to call the “Caterpillar” state. This is the Pain / Problem / Challenge / Frustration / or Need your client has BEFORE they need your product or service.

Butterfly (After) State – This is the Dream / Desire / Pleasure state your client will be in AFTER they have used your product or service. How will they feel? What are the benefits?

So in essence, your business, product or service will take a caterpillar and transform it into a butterfly. It’s super important to identify both these states to ensure you are speaking the same language as your clients. Before they come to you, they speak Caterpillar. So if your marketing language is butterfly then you may miss them all together as you are not speaking their language!! You need to speak Caterpillar. A caterpillar doesn’t know what its like to be a butterfly because they have not experienced it as this is the “transformed” state. So you must think and speak in a language that your caterpillar will understand!!

4. Why should your ideal client buy from you?

This question is designed to help you get clarity on your point of difference. Often in business, we find business owners offering something amazing and truly unique, yet it’s like the worlds biggest secret that no one knows about. So this is about setting you apart from the competition so that your clients will ONLY want to deal with YOU!

Why should your ideal client buy from you rather than:-

  • Buying from your competitor
  • Doing it themselves
  • Doing nothing at all

What do you do that is special or unique for your clients?

How do you go the extra mile?

5. Branding Style Guide

What are your core branding qualities?
So if someone was to describe your brand in 3-5 words, what would they say? For example, consider these brands – Ferrari V’s Mazda. Maccas V’s Nike. Emirates V’s Jet Star Now consider your brand compared to your competitors.

Do you have a style guide?
Your style guide has all your branding qualities and brand requirements listed in one document to ensure brand consistency. Your style guide should include your logo, brand colours, standard fonts, logo fonts, how your logo should be used, standard document template, website and social media graphics components, etc to ensure that your brand has a consistent look and feel.

In addition to these Top 5, you should also have:-

  • Your Logo
  • Your Branding Colours
  • Your Domain Name (We suggest GoDaddy or Crazy Domains)
  • 3 Competitor Reference Websites including what you love and don’t love about each.
  • Your story! People do business with people and everyone loves to get to know you and the best way to do this is to share your story! So what is your back ground? How did you get into the business you are in? Why are your passionate about what you do?
  • Your FREE OFFER so you can add massive value to your prospects so they can experience working with you and of course fall in love with you and your business and want more!
  • Your irresistible offer – After your prospect has downloaded your free offer, what comes next? What can you offer them that is so irresistible they have to buy it?

When you choose to partner with No Stress Websites, we can guide you through each of these steps… no stress!! Your website should be a lead generation machine bringing you a never ending supply of HOT excited leads who want to do business with you!!

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